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Clients are billed on either a project basis or on a monthly retainer. An initial payment is required to begin work. Depending on the scope and length of the project, additional payments will be due as work progresses, with a final payment due upon completion.

Project Fees

Project fees are set with a minimum fee and a not to exceed cap based on the amount of time I anticipate a project will require to be completed. I find the min/max approach protects both you and me as it can be difficult to know all the particulars and nuances that can add time to a project, but you can rest assured that your costs will not exceed the set maximum expenditure.

Monthly Retainer

For work that will be ongoing over a period of months with continual service, repeating projects, updates, etc., a monthly retainer will be set. The monthly retainer will be based on a specific scope of work and defined monthly deliverables. At the end of the first three months, the retainer and scope of work will be reviewed and may be adjusted up or down accordingly.