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I offer a full range of editing services from proof reading for grammar, spelling and punctuation, to copy editing for clarity. I can provide a light edit or a more substantial rewrite, depending on your existing copy and content development needs. 


This service is appropriate for existing copy that has already been edited to a degree. I will review your copy to ensure there are no spelling errors or typos and that punctuation and grammar are correct. This level of editing does not include any significant changes to the text and typically includes the following:

  • Checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, and typos
  • Confirming page numbers, table of contents, headings, footnotes, etc.
  • Reviewing captions, figures and tables for accuracy
  • Ensuring consistency in spellings and style


Copy Editing

I will review your writing for content, style, structure and overall meaning, not just grammar and spelling. I can offer you a different perspective and I can help you identify the gaps and missing pieces, as well as the redundancies. Copy editing may not include a rewrite of your work, unless that is what is truly needed, but I may suggest edits to improve the clarity of the writing.

Think of it as ironing out the wrinkles in your favorite shirt. A little touch-up always helps. I will help you smooth out the rough spots so your words and ideas can flow and your message is clear.


Substantial Editing and Rewriting

This service goes beyond a content review and copy edits and may involve substantial changes or rewriting of the content to improve the overall clarity, complete the information or fill out a story.